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Images from freshwater ecosystems around the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Colorado. Includes the inhabitants of streams and ponds in the East River drainage and ponds at the Mexican Cut.
Beaver DamEcologyLive--3CutthroatMegarcys signata predatory stoneflyDrunella mayfly preys on a Baetis mayfly<Brachycentrus> caddisfly larvae, ColoradoBaetis egg massesBaetis bicaudatusEcologyLive-2-2EcologyLive-2EcologyLive-0093EcologyLive-1050EcologyLive-1105EcologyLive-1139Beaver pond underwaterEcologyLive-2083EcologyLive-2122EcologyLive-2252Mayfly SwarmsEcologyLive-2347