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This gallery gives a general overview of the type of images I have of fish, invertebrates, birds and other aspects of life above and below waterways in New Zealand.
Wrybill on its braided riverbed nest.brown mudfish side onSandfly larva: Austrosimulium sp.Whitebait side profileBanded kōkopu head onBrown mudfishYoung shortfin eel headKekewai from high country lakeAdult Rhantus pond beetleCostachorema spNeasmeletus full frontalWrybill in sunHudsonema caddisfly larvaPotamopyrgus antipodarum snailDeleatidium mayfly nymphTe Waikoropupu troutRoundhead galaxias, <Galaxias anomulus>,Stonefly on Mt Cook buttercup leafBanded kōkopuGiant kōkopu