Kia ora!


EcologyLive brings you images and information about the ecology of our natural world. The aim is to promote the conservation and sustainable management of ecosystems and the life they contain.


Freshwater life and aquatic ecosystems feature prominently, but plants and animals from a range of ecosystems are covered. Many images are from home of Aotearoa New Zealand, but I'm adding photos from Australia, New Caledonia, Mexico, Costa Rica and North America.


I'm a Professor of Ecology in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Canterbury (UC), Christchurch, New Zealand, where I teach ecology. I focus on freshwater ecology research and co-lead the Freshwater Ecology Research Group. You can view my UC research profile here and Google Scholar profile here. I also teach across a wide range of ecology, environmental science and conservation topics and I'm a member of the Ako Aotearo Academy, having won a national award for tertiary teaching excellence in 2007.


It's hard to know which came first, photography or ecology, and the truth is probably that they have been intertwined throughout most of my life. I can remember borrowing my dad's camera for a tramp down the Greenstone Valley when I was at high school and I've been hooked on photography ever since. I also spent my childhood holidays, and then university summers, on Rakiura Stewart Island, and after that experience I was always going to do something that involved the natural world.


I use my photos extensively in teaching and research, and I'm hoping this website will see them used more in other places too. Please contact me about their use.


Ngā mihi, Angus McIntosh